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A comprehensive tutorial, well suited if you are new to roboquant or just want to understand the core concepts. It comes with many code samples to get you started and explains how to develop your own strategies.


A series of how-to notebooks focus on achieving a particular task, like how to integrate with Binance or how to use technical indicators in your strategy. You can run the notebooks on your local machine or use a free online environment like to run them.

To find out more, go to GitHub, or if you just want to try it without any installation, click Binder

Background info

Click here to find out why roboquant was created in the first place and some key features and benefits. It will also provide an overview of the 4-stage process of developing robust trading strategies.


The roboquant source code documentation (work-in-progress).

Community Help

See the Community page on how to get help if you couldn’t find the information in the documentation.